Q: The print version of Inquiring Mind featured art on most of its pages. Why isn’t more art in the archive?

A: When we produced the print journal, artists gave us permission to use their work one time only, in print. More recently, some artists have allowed us to display their art here in the archive. We hope to add more art as time allows, but initially our focus for the archive is on the written work.


Q: I’m looking for a specific article/poem that was in Inquiring Mind, and it doesn’t seem to be in the archive. Why is it missing?

A: There are three possible reasons. First, we may simply not have gotten to it yet. We’re adding articles in reverse chronological order. Second, a few writers asked us NOT to include their work in the archive, and we respect their wishes. Finally, we are focusing on archiving the work that was written specifically for Inquiring Mind. In most cases we are not including articles adapted or excerpted from books, or poetry that was previously published.

Most book publishers gave us permission to use excerpts, adaptations and poems once only, in the print journal.


Q: When will the rest of the articles be added to the archive?

A: As soon as possible—but it may take a year or more before articles going back as far as 1984 are posted.


Q: What are the numbers beneath each image on the homepage?

A: The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of articles that are currently available for that issue.


Q: I wrote something for Inquiring Mind, but I don’t see my name listed under Contributors. Why not?

Most likely we haven’t uploaded your article(s) yet. Writers’ names appear under Contributors as soon as we publish their article in the archive. If your article was in an issue that seems to be otherwise complete, we might be waiting for your permission to republish.


Q: My art was featured in Inquiring Mind, but I don’t see it here. Why not?

We’d love to include more of the art that was in the journal! If you’d like us to add your work, please email archive(at)inquiringmind.com to let us know we have your permission.


Q: May I link to the archive from my website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.?

A: Please do!


Q: May I distribute copies of your articles to my study group or students?

A: Yes, with attribution. Of course, it may be easier to send them directly to the archive to read the article(s).