Inquiring Mind —Editor's Notes

Fall 2000 (Vol. 17 #1)

This issue of Inquiring Mind is the first in a series focusing on what the Buddha called "the three characteristics of existence." We begin with an exploration of impermanence (anicca), with subsequent journals to focus on unsatisfactoriness (dukkha) and nonself (anatta). As you will see, our examination of impermanence evolved with a special emphasis on the stages of life, especially the process of aging and death (perhaps reflecting the current stage of life of many of those in our community).

The theme is introduced by Joseph Goldstein and Robert Thurman exploring impermanence and its role in the Buddha’s teaching. Interwoven throughout are scriptural quotations on impermanence translated from their original Pali by Buddhist scholar Andrew Olendzki. Continuing are two very moving accounts of people facing major physical changes: Sandy Boucher confronting cancer and Ram Dass adjusting to life after his stroke. Richard Mahler speaks with elders at Jubilados, a spiritual community for the aging, forming in New Mexico.

We then travel back to birth with Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, who offers a reflection on both being a baby and giving birth to one. For a completely different experience of impermanence, Terry Vandiver describes her fiftieth birthday, millennial belly dance for the Buddha. Next, we turn to yet another segment of life, featuring Norman Fischer’s work with young people in ritual and initiation. Diana Winston presents a lively roundtable discussion with teenagers who meditate, and thoughts and stories from those who teach them.

We are also pleased to an offer excerpt from Joanna Macy’s new book, Widening Circles: A Memoir, in which she describes her first encounter with the "Mother of All Buddhas." Our Practice page is taken from Larry Rosenberg’s new book, Living in the Light of Death. Gil Fronsdal reports some interesting findings regarding the teaching of the precepts in our community. On our poetry pages Peter Dale Scott shares selections from his forthcoming title, Minding the Darkness: A Poem for the Year 2000.