Inquiring Mind —Editor's Notes

Spring 1996 (Vol. 12 #2)
Compassionate Action

Like the thousand-armed Bodhisattva of compassion, the followers of Dharma are reaching out in all directions to heal the world. Throughout this issue of Inquiring Mind you will find evidence of what our featured artist Kazuaki Tanahashi calls "global heart."

Thich Nhat Hanh (interviewed by both Ram Dass and former California Governor Jerry Brown) opens the issue and sets the waves of compassionate action into motion. The first crest is seen in Fran Peevey and Tova Green’s touching gift to the women of Yugoslavia, followed by the clear arising of bodhichitta in the work of Bernard Glassman and the Zen Community of New York with homeless and unemployed people. An entire ocean of compassionate action can be seen through Alan Senauke’s inspiring history and reflection on the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, an expanding presence in Western Dharma circles. The waves of compassionate action continue to arise, producing other visions and ways of working: Sala Steinbach’s explorations of diversity issues, Terry Vandiver’s power of presence in Guatemala, and Christina Desser’s imaginative Migratory Species Project. The healing power of the Buddhist sangha is enormous, and these are a few ways that it is manifesting in the world. Just follow the waves...