Inquiring Mind —Editor's Notes

Fall 1994 (Vol. 11 #1)
On Having a Body

We began work on this issue wondering what it means to have a body. Different schools of Buddhism have a variety of approaches towards the body—from loathsomeness practices to the Tantric embrace. In this issue we explore our subject from head to foot; we include Andrew Harvey and Miranda Shaw on the blissful side of incarnation, Kate Wheeler on the repulsiveness of bodily flesh and fluids, and Gil Fronsdal and Andy Olendski on the Buddha’s teachings on the body as a foundation of mindfulness. We round out our discussion by asking Robert Hall, Richard Heckler and Stan Grof—three healers who work with the body—to describe their approaches and Ed Brown—Zen priest and cook—to talk about eating. As long as you have a body, we invite you, as Brown says to, "Please enjoy your food!"