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One Journey’s End
Alan Novidor (Spring 2015)

Changing Systems in a Hungry World
An interview with Raj Patel (Fall 2014)

The Next Forty Years: Insight Teachers Survey
by Matthew Brensilver and Kim Allen (Fall 2014)

Responding to Hunger: Resources List
Compiled by Bhikkhu Bodhi (Fall 2014)

Cultivating the Mind of a Warrior
by Elizabeth Stanley (Spring 2014)

War and Peace: A Buddhist Perspective
by Ven Bhikkhu Bodhi (Spring 2014)

The Militarization of Mindfulness
by Ronald Purser (Spring 2014)

Mental Armor
An Interview with Neuroscientist Amishi Jha (Spring 2014)

Resource Materials on Self-Immolation
compiled by Alan Senauke (Spring 2014)

The Welcome: A Healing Journey for War Veterans
a film review by Bonnie O'Brien Jonsson (Spring 2014)

Peacemakers Beyond Borders
Paula Green shows how Buddhist principles are leading to peace and reconciliation on three continents. (Spring 2014)

Zen and War: A Dialogue with Kenji Muro
James Schenbly interviews Kenji Muro on Zen Buddhists and the Japanese War effort in WWII. (Spring 2014)

War and Peace Poems
Read an Expanded Version of the Spring 2014 Poetry Section, featuring work by Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd, Hugh Martin, Alla Poberesky, Tex Sexauer and Jon Turner. (Spring 2014)

In Memorium: Death Poem by Steve Stücky
Read the final poem of Myogen Steve Stücky (1946 - 2013). (Spring 2014)

Being-ness, Your God
by Yael Shy (Fall 2013)

Dance and Sit—a Conversation with Pir Shabda Kahn
(Fall 2013)

The Music of Pir Shabda Kahn
Listen to renown Sufi master’s sacred songs. (Fall 2013)

Getting Real About Exhaustion
by Chris McKenna (Fall 2013)

A Nontheist's Journey
Read an expanded version of Rob Lee’s journey from Roman Catholicism to Vajryana Buddhist “nontheism.” (Fall 2013)

from dreamcatcher
In this excerpt from giovanni singleton’s latest work, Maya Angelou dies and goes to heaven—sort of. (Fall 2013)

S. N. Goenka: Master of the Dhamma
Read our 1987 interview with this cherished teacher (1924-2013) (Fall 2013)

Reading to the Threshold of the Great Unanswerable
An interview with Pico Iyer (Spring 2013)

Practicing with Birth and Death
By Will Kabat-Zinn (Spring 2013)

Poetry For Spring, 2013
Additional poems on the themes of Suffering, Impermanence and No Fixed Self which are explored in the Spring 2013 issue of Inquiring Mind.

Medication for Depression: Help or Hindrance?
Addendum to the Letters column that appears in the Spring 2013 issue of Inquiring Mind

Medicine for the Brain, Dharma for the Mind:
An Interview with Sylvia Boorstein (Fall 2012)

Popping Pills for Depression: A Buddhist View
by B. Alan Wallace (Fall 2012)

Resources for Practicing with the Emotions
annotated and compiled by Margaret Cullen (Fall 2012)

Where to Find Free-Distribution Dhamma Books
compiled by Matthew Grad (Fall 2012)

Woman at the Edge of Time
An Interview with Joanna Macy (Spring 2012)

Drumbeats and Footfalls
by Joan Lohman (Spring 2012)

Climate Karma
Online resources for an in-depth look at global warming (Spring 2012)

Occupying the Dharma
Online “Occupy” Clips - Reviewed by Kate Josephson (Spring 2012)

Occupying Tension
By Noah Fischer (Spring 2012)

Compassion Curriculum
An Interview with Geshe Thupten Jimpa (Fall 2011)

Opening the Heart at Stanford, Google and Beyond
By Margaret Cullen (Fall 2011)

The Absolute, the Relative and the Colonel
By Sarah Weintraub (Fall 2011)

Elephant Bones
An Interview with Lama Tsultrim Allione (Spring 2011)

Growing Into Practice
by Rev. Danny Fisher (Spring 2011)

Japanese Waka (pdf file)
by Patrick Donnelly and Stephen D. Miller (Spring 2011)

How Clinging to Gender Subverts Enlightenment
by Rita M. Gross (from Fall 2010)

by Jack Kornfield (from Fall 2010)

Selfaholics Anonymous
by Santikaro (from Spring 2010)

Surfing the Urge
G. Alan Marlatt on Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (online exclusive Spring 2010)

The Suffering of Separation
by Janet Surrey (online exclusive Spring 2010)

We're All In This Together
A Conversation with Mother and Daughter (from Fall 2009)

The Midas Economy: Buddhist Reflections on the Financial Crisis
An Interview with and Essay by David Loy (from Spring 2009)

It's Like This
By Ajahn Sumedho (from Fall 2008)

Women of Tibet Carrying the Culture
An Interview with Rosemary Rawcliffe (from Spring 2008)

Poetry Saves
An expanded version of the poetry section (from Fall 2007)

The Bottom Line: Dharma in Line with the Dharma
An Interview with Ajahn Amaro (from Spring 2007)

Freedom to Fall Apart
By Nina Wise (from Fall 2006)

Translator for the Buddha
An Interview with Bhikkhu Bodhi (from Spring 2006)

The Bhikkhu and the Butterfly
A Conversation between Ajahn Pasanno and Julia Butterfly Hill
(from Fall 2005)

Wisdom Crazy
An Interview with Steven Goodman (from Spring 2005)

Tsunami Psychologist
By Ronna Kabatznick (from Spring 2005)

The Traveling Peacemaker
A Conversation with Marshall Rosenberg (from Fall 2004)

Coming to Our Senses
A Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn (from Spring 2004)